Our PUBG best weapons guide details the best pistols, best SMGs, best shotguns, best assault rifles, best sniper rifles and best melee weapons in the game.
PUBG's home to a wealth of weaponry that you'll find littered all over the ground, and in the most unlikely of places at times. If you're extremely lucky, a care package might even grant you a powerful death-dealing device that's capable of dropping enemies in no time at all.
There are so many different weapons in PUBG that it's pretty tricky to get yourself properly accustomed to each one. You're only able to practice with a limited number of weapons per match, after all, and they've each got their own characteristics to manage too.
If you want a one-stop guide to the weapons which are cream of the crop, the good news is that we've done the hard work for you. In our guide to the best weapons in PUBG you'll find a list of all the strongest weapons, along with our thoughts on why they're a cut above the rest.
To make things a bit clearer, we've split this article into a number of different categories so you know exactly what type of weapon we're highlighting in each one. Without further ado, here's our list of all the best guns and melee weapons you can throw into your backpack.
It's worth noting that more weapons will be introduced into the game over time and we'll do our best to keep this guide updated as things evolve. Keep this page bookmarked for all the latest developments!

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PUBG: Best Shotguns


OK, you’ll have to reload after every couple of shots, but the S686 is the most devastating of all the shotguns. Pressing the trigger twice in quick succession will unleash both pellets almost instantaneously, and will often make for an insta-kill at close range.
Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it's a shotgun it's only effect at close range either. In our experience it's also surprising powerful at long range, especially when fitted with a Shotgun choke that reduces pellet spread.

PUBG: Best Assault Rifles


The M416 trumps almost all Assault Rifles as it’s by far the easiest to use, has decent damage and accepts any attachment you care to throw at it.
In an unmodded state, the SCAR-L is pretty much on par with the M416, but fully modded it comes out on top in terms of damage per second (DPS), stability and rate of fire.
All in all it’s a brilliant performer that doesn’t do anything fancy and simply gets the job done no matter what situation you happen to find yourself in.

PUBG: Best Submachine Guns


We can’t sing the praises of the Vector enough. This thing has an absolutely insane fire-rate that’s capable of tearing through an enemy in seconds. It’s pretty easy to control when holding down the trigger as well. Even the iron sights are forgiving!
It's not all roses, however, and the only downside to the Vector is its rather puny 13 shot magazine that runs dry a little too quickly. It also doesn’t leave any leeway for missed shots if you stumble into an enemy all of a sudden.
Thankfully it’s a submachine gun you can kit out generously with all sorts of attachments, so slap an extended mag on this baby as a priority to morph it into a truly terrifying weapon. It's so good that we'll happily use it over an Assault Rifle at close range.


The tried and tested stalwart of the submachine gun category, the UMP9 is a common drop which dishes out decent damage at close to mid-range, and has both a lovely iron sight and forgiving recoil pattern.
You can apply all manner of attachments on the UMP9 as well, including foregrips, suppressors and magazines which'll make it even easier to use. Just because you’ll see this weapon all the time, doesn’t mean it’s bad. It's simply reliable enough to remain in your inventory right up until the


A rare drop found only in Crates, think of the Groza as an AKM Assault Rifle paired with a submachine gun's insane rate of fire. This makes it by far the most powerful Assault Rifle in the game by quite some margin, assuming you’re within range of your target. Start firing at someone way off in the distance though and it really starts to struggle.
The Groza’s got some other obvious flaws you should be aware of, the biggest being its lengthy reload time of 3 seconds (without a Quickdraw magazine) and its distinct lack of attachment slots. Treat it like a pseudo Assault Rifle though, and you’ll be far too enamoured to even notice its drawbacks.


In almost every aspect the QBZ95 loses out against the M416. However, it wins out against the M416 when it comes to handling. It's got a consistent recoil pattern that makes it much easier to use when spraying or tapping the trigger, which means that it's a perfect weapon for those who value accuracy and ease of use above damage stats.

If you land your shots, the S686 will absolutely obliterate your opponents.

PUBG: Best Sniper Rifles


The beefiest bolt-action sniper in PUBG is the AWM. Capable of obliterating enemies before they can blink, it's a rare treasure that's only found in Crates - put simply, this weapon is an absolute monster. Hit anyone in the head, no matter if they’re sporting a level 3 helmet or not, and they’ll drop dead. Land two shots to the body - again, dead.
You’ll usually get an 8x Scope in the Crate with the AWM, meaning it’s a free pass for long range domination. It’s also flexible enough to support other short range scopes and has a rocket-like bullet velocity that means almost no bullet drop. It even sounds incredible too, with a meaty boom that resonates with each bullet fired.
The AWM’s main weakness is its bolt-action, meaning it takes time to reload a round in-between shots. Additionally, it only takes unique .300 ammunition that can’t be found anywhere but Crates. Miss too many shots and that’s your lot.


A budget version of the AWM, but still packing more than enough punch, the KAR98K is an excellent Sniper Rifle. It’s bolt-action too, meaning it’s got a terribly slow fire rate but it compensates for this with brilliant accuracy at long range.


Mini 14

Despite its damage output not being particularly high, this is one of the most well-rounded guns in the game. It’s got the highest bullet velocity too, which makes long range fights a breeze. It also takes a variety of attachments so you can tailor it nicely to your individual needs.


PUBG's latest addition to the arsenal is the SLR, and from our experience with it, we expect a nerf in the near future.
The SLR takes 7.62mm ammunition and going by appearances, it looks just like any other bog-standard rifle. Start firing this thing at an enemy though, and you'll quickly realise that it packs one hell of a punch. There's hardly any bullet drop at mid to long range, you can confidently tap the trigger rapidly without any strong recoil kick and it can down an enemy in just three hits.

Best Light Machine Gun


The M249’s a behemoth that’s capable of firing 100 bullets in less than ten seconds. You’ll only find it in Crates, and for good reason too - this thing devastates enemies.
Perfect for clearing rooms or spraying down teams at a distance, the M249 is like an Assault Rifle on steroids, but it does take some time getting used to. It’s got some pretty mean recoil and you can only attach scopes to it as well, which makes taming the beast a tricky affair.

PUBG: Best Melee Weapons


PUBG’s iconic weapon is also the best choice when it comes to taking a big fat melee swing at enemies. It’s an insta-kill if you clang it off someone’s body, and most importantly of all it’s bulletproof to boot.
Having it equipped is akin to wearing an additional piece of armour as it’s able to deflect bullets off your posterior with ease. Happy days.

PUBG: Best Pistols


The P18C is currently the only pistol in the game which can spew bullets in full auto mode. This makes it absolutely incredible at shredding targets at close range, especially in the early-game when players are less likely to be wearing body armour or helmets - and players are all heading to the same popular spots.
As with any pistol you can wield in the game, the P18C isn’t great at long range, but if you can control its vicious recoil this sidearm will prove to be your perfect companion on the battlefield.


The P1911 takes .45 ACP rounds. This gives it fantastic stopping-power at close range when compared with many other pistols that use less potent 9mm rounds. It’ll struggle against enemies at a distance (as you'd expect), but it more than makes up for its range limitations when you’re downing nearby opponents in just a few well-placed shots.

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